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Practical Ways To Know Abal-Abal Sites

Maybe many of us have received e-mails with congratulations when we have received a gift. Like a prize from a product lottery, while we do not buy at all or use the product.

Various prizes offered can be in the form of cash or even cars. Sometimes to be more convincing in the e-mail listed unique numbers such as lottery numbers and site addresses are of course fake. That’s the way it is done so that we become convinced of the deception they make.

Here are some fairly practical ways to find out a fake website taken from Tekno Liputan 6. Hopefully these ways can prevent us from falling into the tricks of irresponsible people.

1. Using a Free Domain Name Service

We certainly know a lot of service providers that provide free domain names. Among the popular ones like Freenom, they provide domain names such as .TK (Tokalu), .ML (Mali), .CF (Central African Republic), .GA (Gabon), and .GQ (Equatorial Guinea). But with the availability of free domain names sometimes even used by people who are not responsible, such as for committing fraud.

Even though if we think about it, it’s quite simple, if they really are organizers of a lottery or a serious event and use an official company name, why should they use a free domain name? They can easily and cheaply get a .COM or .NET domain name for around Rp. 100 thousands only.

2. Look Thoroughly at Domains and Subdomains

In addition to the use of domain names, we also need to pay attention to the domains and subdomains they use. For example only as used by fraudsters who offer video calling features on WhatsApp at the address Indeed, at first glance there is nothing wrong with that address.
The next address is if split into two namely whatsapp (subdomain) and (root domain).

From the site’s address, it can be seen that they use the WhatsApp subdomain and their root domain uses┬áSo from this domain and subdomain, we can already see that it is not an official offer that comes from WhatsApp Dewatogel .

When trying to open the root domain, information is displayed as below.


You have been chosen to receive a free Micro SD card. Click OK to claim your prize.
We really appreciate our customers and decided to distribute 400 Micro SD cards with a capacity of 64GB for free. Why do we do this?

We offer these Hoverboards for free because they are in our warehouse without seals and we cannot sell them. So, instead of returning it, we chose to give it free to users who helped us become the number one player in the online market in Indonesia.

How do you get a 64GB Micro SD card?

Click here.
1. Share with 10 friends and three WhatsApp groups about this promotion (Click the Share button).
2. After sharing it, click Continue and fill in the detailed information needed for shipping.
3. A 64GB micro SD card is ready to be delivered to your address.

If you pay attention, they initially offered a free Micro SD card, but, in the middle of the paragraph they instead offered Hoverboards, it was clear this was a fraud.

It’s impossible for a company like WhatsApp that is part of Facebook to make such fatal mistakes in providing information. Moreover, the layout itself is severe and does not look professional.

3. Check the Site’s Initial Address, HTTPS or HTTP?

HTTPS stands for Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol, while HTTP is Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Of course we can see the difference, namely the letter S for “Secure”.

Briefly using HTTPS will be safer than HTTP, this is because data traffic through which it will be encrypted using encryption.

If we go back to the case of, we can see the address using HTTP instead of HTTPS. Generally sites that ask us to fill in information data will use HTTPS, therefore we need to doubt the security of the site.

Also, keep in mind that HTTPS is not always safe, but it is definitely more secure than HTTP.

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